Your exhibition stand is incomplete without lighting. In this time of sustainability you choose LED technology. With expoLED, Exposupply provides a complete range of lighting and lighting materials for exhibition stands.

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The same armlight applicable to all stand construction systems: Truss, Panel, Aluvision, beMatrix, Octanorm, Syma, Custom.


High Power LED modules for uniform lighting of illumination systems like backlit boxes.


Achieve extremely low power consumption without sacrificing light quality in general lighting applications.

PAR lights

Excellent light quality with an extremely high luminous efficacy. This is due to LED chips which are arranged closely in lines and have a lumen output of up to 22000 lm.


Stylish and economical way to illuminate any of your exhibition stands. Available in 50W-200W.


Track lights

accent lighting offer maximum flexibility with 350° rotation and 180° tilting angle. Easy to integrate into three circuit track systems.